Monday, April 16, 2007

Welcome one and all......

Well this may not be the greatest show on earth but I hope you guys find this a little entertaining. Although I assume most of you already know who I am, I think for all of you random surfers I need to give you guys a little background. More info can be found at my MySpace Account


I am a 20 something guy from Columbus, OH. I graduated from Ohio State in '04 and since then the adventure hasn't stoped. I relocated to Orlando where I worked with an awesome group of people from all over, and a select few of still stay in contact. Enter Mel, Mel was on of the mainstays of our "Click" but was always a lot of fun! She contacted me and let me know she was planning to take a trip to Japan and wanted to know if I could tag. I told her sure and booked a ticket.

With that came a no-turn-back point where I was financially committed to the trip. The time had been called off of work and I was ready to go. Well just about that time I found out a project I was working on for a state department in Hawaii was ready for deployment, and the trip was scheduled for the week before I left for Japan. So I rescheduled my flight to Honolulu and am getting ready for one of the craziest trips of my Life!!!!!!

April 22nd: Say goodbye to the roomies and leave for Hawaii
April 27th: Project Finished time for Japan!
May 2-4th: National Festival in Fukouka City
May 4th: Meet up with Mel and company
May 9th: To Orlando
May 13th: Back To C-bus! Whew!

For the first part of the trip I will be on my own and staying mostly in hostels so anyone with any awesome things to do or to meet up go ahead and contact me either via e-mail or MySpace. I will try to keep this updated with pictures and Commentary!

Thanks for visiting and its time to PARTY!!!!!!!


Stacy said...

Hey Babe - STAY AWAY FROM THE GEISHA!! Especially if they tell you that they'll love you long time. ;)

WorldTour07 said...

Hey Geisha needs love too. Update I did some research and my cell will not work there.

Kendra said...

Hey punk--you promised to love me long time at the bar the other night and didn't deliver. Maybe you should take some Geisha classes while you're there.

WorldTour07 said...

Haha classes eh?

Kendra said...

Yeah--that way you could learn to be of service to the female race. Also, I think Stacy would agree with me that you'd look hot in a kimono and red lipstick